What’s a cryptocurrency?

A digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of the ownership of these units, operating independently of a central bank.

What's an altcoin?

"Altcoin" is a combination of two words: "alt" and "coin"; alt is short for alternative and coin signifies currency. Thus, together they imply a category of cryptocurrency that is alternative to the current available digital currencies.

What's Bitcoin?

The very first cryptocurrency ever created. Introduced in January of 2009, the coin was the most revolutionary way of finance and, until today, it’s the most valuable and secure currency in the world.

Why Bitcoin?

Simply, it’s the most brilliant and secure. It’s the most commercialised coin until today and it was the starting point for all the current coins in the market.

What’s MktCoin?

It’s an altcoin based in Bitcoin developed to be the first coin that has value and value you through an sophisticated rewards plan.

Is it anonymous?

Yes, there’s no way to link a wallet to its owner. All your coins are safe through the network with anyone knowing anything about you.

What happens if a lose my coins?

If you lose access to your private keys, all your coins are going to be lost as there’s no way to recover or change a private key for an address.

How is cryptocurrency value determined?

Cryptocurrencies value is determined by the people that own that cryptocurrency by trading them. That means that, the most coins are used, and the more they’re traded around the globe, its value raises. It’s like having shares from a company, the more people want, the price rises, the more people sell, it’s value goes down, and that’s why cryptocurrencies’ price are so volatile.

How can I make transactions?

All you need is the address where you want to send your coins to, and the software that controls your wallet.

How much is the fee?

Only 0.5% per transaction.

Is MktCoin safe?

MktCoin is more than safe, is unbreakable. No information about you, relation to your coins or any sensitive data is shared to anyone or kept anywhere except in the coins’ network. To break a cryptocurrency’s secret would be the same as break every single password in the world.

How much do I have to pay to register for MktCoin?

The registration is free. All you need is the code from your sponsor and fill out the forms as you please.

Do I need to identify myself in the platform?

The identification is for your personal control only.

Why do I need two emails on my registration?

Because if you ever have problems with your first email as, forgetting your password, your account being blocked by the email server, or any other problem that prevents you access to our system, you’ll still be able to recover your data through the second email. We advise to use two different email providers like Gmail and Yahoo.

If I lose access to both my registered emails, how can I recover access to my account?

All information is personalised and encrypted and therefore, there’s no way to prove you as owner of the account. Keep your emails protected and verified. A feature to recover your account will be presented soon.

How MktCoin works?

It’s the first digital currency that, on every transaction (payment) performed, generates a commissioning to 9 levels in an ascending line so, the most people you sponsor, higher will be the number of people in your network making your commissions bigger and bigger.

Is there a limit on how many account I can present?

No. You will be able to sponsor how many users you want to and help them to do the same around the world.

How many users current have MktCoin?

We’ve started with more than half a million users in more than 180 countries with 4 companies already using it to make payments. One of these companies is ranked as the 60 bigger in the world.

How do I get commissioned?

Your commissions will be credited into your account in a daily basis with immediate availability.

Is there a minimum value for payments?

No. You can pay from pennies to billions in any place of the world with no restrictions applied.

Are the transactions verified?

Yes. All payments are verified for very powerful servers that validated each transaction making, this way, a secure and strong system.

May I see the transactions?

Yes. Everyone can see all transactions in real time because, all digital currencies all transactions are freely moved however there’s no way to link the transaction to its users.

Who controls MktCoin?

All cryptocurrencies are decentralised, that means no interference or control from any government being, this way, regulated by its own market.

How is MktCoin valued?

As explained before, the price is measured by the market itself. The more people buying, higher the price and vice versa. However, MktCoin has in its core an exclusive tool to aggregate value according to all transactions guarantying this way that its value is not as volatile as all other coins.